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Line Editing


We'll base the price of this service on what we perceive to be the quality of your work. When you request our editing services, we'll want your first chapter digitally.

We rate your first chapter on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the best. A search for misspellings, sentence construction, transitions, use of punctuation, tension grades, repetitiveness, and general writing errors like overabundance of adjectives/adverbs or misuse of pronouns is what your grade is based upon.

Once the rating is done, we'll shoot you an e-mail to discuss your options. We only do line edits.
This means we edit every aspect of your novel from soup to nuts, plot to grammar, and everything in between. For information on the different types of editors (and to help you decide what your novel needs), click here.

We use a flat fee based on word count and quality of writing. As a bonus, only with INDIE Books Gone Wild do you get a separate proofreader to look over your work once your two rounds of editing are done for no extra cost. We haven't seen anyone else that offers this as part of their service. We also include your book in our promotional efforts (giveaway - we buy the books, release day announcement, and perma-space on our website)!

Our turnaround is speedy but we don't sacrifice quality. Your book will be the best it can be.

We expect you've edited your book at least once before you send it to us. If not, do that right now using the guidelines found here.

Prices start at $100 for a 0-10k word book with a rating of 5. That price goes up as the rating goes down and as the word count increases. In our opinion, time is the important factor. If it takes us less time to edit your book, we're not going to charge you as much.

Seems fair enough, right?


  • $100 for a 10k word book with a rating of 5. That's $0.01 a word.

  • $200 for a 10k word book with a rating of 4. This is $0.02 a word.

  • $300 for a 10k word book with a rating of 3. Here, you're looking at $0.03 a word.

If your book is 76,000 words and gets a rating of 4, your price would be $1520. Math: 76,000 x 0.02 = 1520.

As with all services of this nature, half the payment is due up-front and the other half upon completion. A contract is signed for all our work with deadlines for completion and an outline of your pre-arranged payment plan. Speak with your individual editor to find out more and to grab a sample contract.


This is an example of an inline edit (click to expand):


























Each editor here has a style guide they prefer (Strunk and White or The Chicago Manual of Style). See our bios to find out which one we use.

We know we all like to think our work is perfect right out of the gate, but even those of us who are authors use an editor and then a proofreader. A fresh eye is never a waste. Make sure you've read the work and writings of the person you choose to work with. Twenty errors of their own on a 300 word blog post isn't a good indicator they'll catch yours.

If you're interested in procuring editing services, contact us and we'll discuss it from there.

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