Print and Ebook Formatting


This is a service provided only by Jo Michaels and Gaynor Smith at this time.


Hiya! We're bonafide graphic designers with an eye for detail. We've been formatting books since 2012, and we both know the requirements for the all various self-publishing platforms (including Ingram, Lulu, and Createspace).

Our print book formatting is done with Adobe InDesign, the industry standard. We're compatible with all self-publishing platforms and guarantee you an error-free upload.

You can find our pricing model below, and if you're interested in having a hardcover book formatted for Lulu and wide distribution, add $50 to the cost of any print package listed. If we have to create the full wrap cover from an existing front, that's also a $50 add on.


As with all services offered by INDIE Books Gone Wild, you will sign a contract. When you fill out the contact us form, We'll send you a blank contract to look over. All copyright to all images and design is released upon signing.

You'll get:


  • Properly formatted front matter

  • Properly numbered pages

  • A table of contents

  • Running headers

  • Chapter heads that stand out

  • Consistency with your cover fonts

  • Ability to use restricted fonts

  • No irritating orphans or widows

  • An ebook that's as beautiful as your print book and matches in both design and font


Your book will look professionally done, because it will be professionally done.


Examples of print and digital interiors Jo and Gaynor have done can be found here.


If you're interested in this service, go to our contact page, fill out the form, and choose Jo Michaels or Gaynor Smith as the person you'd like to work with.

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