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Howdy! I’m Karen Robinson, and I’m excited to be joining the editing team at Indie Books Gone Wild. I’ve been an avid reader since I was in elementary school, reading anything I could get my hands on although my favorite genres are fantasy and dystopian fiction. In college, I majored in English and spent a couple of years as a copy editor for a financial firm and then a medical publisher. An opportunity led me to graduate school where I received a PhD in medieval literature (and graded many many freshman composition papers).

I decided to leave academia after having a child and to go back to my editing roots. Since then, I’ve been doing a wide variety of editing work from websites for plastic surgeons to eBooks about social media as well as fiction, which is where my editing (and reading) heart lies. I’ve had the pleasure of working with indie author Shane W. Shelton on his Believing Magic series and look forward to developing editing relationships with other authors. When I’m not reading (and even sometimes when I am), I can be found with two sticks and some yarn in my hands—knitting is my other passion.

Using The Chicago Manual of Style - 16th Edition, my goal is not to rewrite your book or create a book that I would have written. Instead, I aim to keep your voice—but make it a cleaner version of your voice. Ultimately, you are the author and ownership of the book is yours, but working with an editor is a valuable way of strengthening your book and making it the best that it can be so that readers can get great enjoyment out of it.


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See what Karen's clients are saying:


“I chose Karen because I liked her work on the Nightfall series. She is fast, incredibly responsive to emails, and has an eye for fine details. She caught inconsistencies in my manuscript (minor character names, relationships) that I would have never noticed. Karen offers a very light touch with her editing, leaving my voice and vision intact but polished for clarity and readability. After the editing process, I feel absolutely confident that my manuscript is error free and of the highest professional caliber. IBGW is far and away a superior service; in addition to line editing, I also received proofreading by another editor, Tia Silverthorne Bach, to give my book another set of eyes before release. There’s no other service that offers affordable and comprehensive services that I’m aware of. I would absolutely recommend Karen and IBGW to any authors looking for amazing value and flawless quality.”


~ Michael J. Bode, author of The Mirrored City (Architects of the Grand Design series)


“Karen is currently working with me on my 110,000 word fantasy novel, and so far she has been AMAZING! She answers any questions or concerns I have (almost immediately too! She is super fast at replying to emails!) and I feel completely confident my book will be the best it can be under her guidance. Some specific areas she has helped with are showing vs telling, PoV issues, and taking out all the little unneeded words in my manuscript (I have a problem with going into too MUCH detail sometimes). Even though she makes suggestions and helps reword awkward sentences/paragraphs, she doesn’t change my style of writing. I can still “hear” my author “voice” when I read the revisions she has suggested. I would recommend Karen to anyone who is looking for a seasoned, talented editor. She’s fabulous!”


~ Shiriluna Nott, author of A Call to Arms


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