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We'll proofread your edited manuscript and find those niggling little errors in spelling and punctuation. We reserve the right to reject your work. If it's obvious it hasn't been through an editor, we'll put it in file thirteen.

Proofreading is not editing. Proofreading is making sure you have good transitions, proper punctuation, proper spelling/use of words, and nothing redundant. We won't be looking to cut word count or re-word sentences. That should all be done. We should be able to speed-read your work and quickly note issues.

NOTE: This service is included in the cost of
editing if you use INDIE Books Gone Wild for that service.

Formatting requirements:
12pt double spaced Times New Roman font in .doc or .docx.

Proofreading services are priced as follows:


  • 0-20k words - $60

  • 21k-40k words - $80

  • 41k-60k words - $100

  • 61k-80k words - $120

  • and so on.

If you send a PDF and we end up having to print or convert it to work on it, the price goes up by $20.

With our proofreading service, the entire payment is due upon signing of the contract.

Please contact us via the form here to discuss this service.

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