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Maria Rosera


I’ve loved reading ever since I can remember. My first book report was written in first grade, and it was on The Call of the Wild by Jack London. My favorite reads are fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, and dystopian, but I'm always up for reading a good story in any genre.

I majored in Cultural and Historic Preservation in college and worked as a writing tutor and editor in my college's learning center. After completing my undergrad, I went to grad school for Museum Studies, interning and working at several museums over the next few years. In 2013, I started a book blog which reignited my love for the written word. This led to beta reading opportunities. The authors I beta read for encouraged me to pursue editing, and I edited my first novel in February of 2015. My editing follows the same trend as my reading—I'll edit any genre and age range, and my work history reflects that. My goal is to give you a polished story with a clear voice that is yours and yours alone.

I live in Rhode Island with my husband who supports my bookish endeavors completely. He proposed to me on stage at UTOPiA2016 in front of an audience of authors, editors, cover designers, PR people, and book lovers. It was perfect.

I'm thrilled to be a part of IBGW, and I look forward to working with you!


Contact me now by clicking here.

Here's what Maria's clients are saying:

Maria has been a fresh and thorough set of eyes on my Young Adult series. In addition to impeccable editing, Maria is encouraging, honest, and attentive. I’m thrilled to recommend her for all of your writing projects. She’s a joy to work with! -Kallie Ross, Author

~  Kallie Ross, author of the A Lost Tribe series


Working with Maria has been a pure joy. It was clear right away that she understood my writing style and was able to help me hone my craft and improve as a writer. Her edits and suggests are clear and clean cut and there’s always a plethora of comments from her letting me know what made her laugh or smile, where she’d like to read more about something, or even when something sucks and isn’t working. It took me a long time to find an editor that was effortless to work with and I’m so happy that I finally have. Maria has edited at least six books for me. All have been returned within the time frame she estimated." 


~  Rachael Brownell, author of Lucky 13 and Sticks and Stones

"I’ve worked with Maria on multiple projects, and I’ve been thrilled with her work each time! Not only has she provided me with excellent content suggestions along with grammar and punctuation corrections, she has earned me 2 award nominations for Best Edited novels!! She’s honest, but her positive and constructive criticisms are extremely helpful. I am incredibly grateful for her help and I look forward to working with Maria in the future!"  ~ Morgan Wylie (Author of The Tangled Web series and The Age of Alandria series)


~  Morgan Wylie, award-winning author of The Age of Alandria series

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